Art Guild 2019 – 2020 Season

Adobe Photoshop Workshop


Deborah Broach

Saturday, November 16, 2019
This class is great for all levels.
Adobe Photoshop can help you with your art. Learn how to use creative techniques to enhance an image that you can print and paint from and share on social media.
Things covered are:
  • The basic tools and how to find your way around Photoshop
  • Collaging images together for a reference for painting
  • Sizing an image to a larger size for print without losing resolution.
  • Deborah will provide handouts for all the techniques she shows.
  • You can bring your laptop if you desire with Photoshop loaded or just come and learn from watching.
  • WIFI will be available, if you are leasing Photoshop.
  • You don’t need a computer or Photoshop to come to the class. Learn all the potential creative tools that Photoshop offers, which will assist with your art and help take your work to the next creative level. This class will help you determine if leasing Photoshop at $9.95/month will be a great creative tool for you as an artist.
  • A handout will be given out in class.
  • Participants may email Deborah with questions regarding the class.
Please see Workshops to sign up
Only a few spots remain
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