Promoting Visual Arts and Culture in Clay County

The Art Guild of Orange Park, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, tax-exempt organization.  Donations and contributions are tax deductible.

The Art Guild was founded in 1973 as a support network for artists.  Our primary objective is to promote visual fine arts and culture in Clay County, Northeast Florida, neighboring communities, and surrounding areas. We serve both charitable and non-charitable organizations. At the present time, we have approximately 130 artist-members and supporters.

Mission and Goals

Mission – Share knowledge and generate wonder through art.

Vision – Promoting Art. Engaging Generations. 

Values – Outreach, Creativity, Education, Multi-media art, Multi-generational. Integrity, Professionalism, Collaboration, Accountability, Financial Responsibility

Tag Line – Talented People, Doing Creative Works.

Since 1973 the AGOP has encouraged the advancement and interest of visual arts. We provide opportunities for development and enrichment of our members through educational programs and workshops. Art Guild exhibits allow members to show and sell their works in many local venues.
Our outreach includes promoting visual arts programs in schools and other organizations in order to foster the appreciation of visual arts within the community. Through outreach efforts, art-focused activities and related interests, group collaborations, events, exhibitions, fund-raising campaigns, programs, volunteer work, and workshops, etc. we are able to enhance public awareness and appreciation for the importance of the Arts.  We cultivate and promote a variety of skills and talents as well as to display the original works of our members.  We further help to assist in the creative endeavors of future artists and the fulfillment of other educational pursuits.