Art Enrichment Program

About the Clay County Program

You have the unique opportunity to share art in your child’s classroom by becoming an Art Enrichment Program Volunteer. This is a program where trained volunteers visit elementary school classrooms and lead group discussions on great works of art. Utilizing the Art Enrichment Program’s painting and sculpture reproductions, Art Enrichment Volunteers bring art to elementary students for art appreciation and criticism experiences. Enhanced self esteem and verbalization skills coupled with unique curriculum enrichment are only a few of the immeasurable educational benefits from the Art Enrichment Program of Clay County, Inc. No Art Backgound is Required! A love of learning and children are all you need. Training is provided. Orientation Class is Required! Classroom materials can be checked out only after orientation is completed.

Orientation Classes: Orientation Class is in the Art Enrichment Classroom 43 at Lakeside Elementary School. You are required to attend only ONE day of orientation class. You can pick the orientation class day to attend and no reservation is required. If you cannot attend orientation class you can call or email the Art Enrichment Program and schedule a makeup orientation class.


Lori Butler, Director


Lakeside Elementary School, Room 43

Telephone (904) 213-2916