Become a Volunteer

Welcome to a new year of exciting opportunities!

We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming positions. We have approximately 35 openings that need to be filled on an annual basis.  While many of our returning members have generously and continuously agreed to remain in some of these respective spots, we need more participation from other members. We need applicants for roles such as:  Officers of the Board, Chairpersons, Committee Assistants, Parliamentarian, Public Relations, a Photographer for events, the Website, and other important support and tasking areas for the 2017-2018 season. Decisions by a nominating committee will need to be made no later than April 1st as the installation of officials will take place during the General Meeting in May. Below is a brief summary of our organization and what we are looking for:

Running a corporation is not a casual affair or something to be taken lightly. Accountability, liability, and responsibility for the daily functions of the business is a vital part of the operation. Volunteer members exclusively comprise and fulfill our most fundamental staffing and workforce needs. We try to make these obligations a fun part of our routine. This is your organization.  To make it the best it can be, we need help.  We can’t run it alone or exhaust our reliable standbys. We need fresh creativity, ideas, imagination, and some tech savvy involvement to advance us even further!

The Art Guild of Orange Park, Inc. is 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida and registered with the Division of Corporations. The governing basis for the entity’s formation is the Articles of Incorporation. We file a Corporate Annual Report along with any other provisional documentation that reflects any changes or revisions to our corporate status throughout the year. We are granted our non-profit designation by the IRS. More information can be obtained by visiting where both present and past viewings are available.

As with all businesses, we have a fundamental duty to act responsibly in the Stewardship and Management of our organizational structure and to allocate our financial funds accordingly. In addition to these basic maintenance functions, we must also insure that we uphold our membership commitments and obligations to the public.

The Board of Directors maintains a set of general guidelines known as the “Constitution and By-Laws.”  These are internal documents that serve as a valuable reference tool that can be adapted and adjusted to meet the particular needs or circumstances of all related duties. Official members periodically revise and update these directional materials, as a team, to reflect the most current and best practices for the business, meet compliance issues and changing regulatory controls, implement recommended policies, and follow industry trends. These parameters also define the organization’s ethics and standards of practice for our own corporate culture. Everything we do, as a whole, is in support of our primary mission and goals. Most of these documents are public record and can be downloaded.  Others are available by request.

We are a diverse, unique, organization and one of the most sizeable groups of our kind for the area.  We have dedicated participants and reliable means to meet our obligations. We are also a relatively small business with limited resources and utilities.  While experience is not a required factor, it can certainly be helpful when considering someone for the leadership, mentorship, and transitioning roles.

Please consider the possibility of giving back to the organization as well as the community by donating your abilities, skills, talents and time in a huge, rewarding way. Starting is as simple as set up and breakdown for the meetings, hospitality, event photography, help with the membership, working the projector for the monthly program demos, or assistance with events. These are all easy ways to start.  Once familiar with the minimal support functions, there are other areas to move to such as chairing a committee, hanging a show, doing the take-in for an exhibition.  If advancement to Leadership is a viable option, we welcome those who can serve on the Board.

If you are interested in pursuing this further or would like additional information, please download the Volunteer Position form and return it as soon as possible along with a brief summary of any business, career, or work related history that might be helpful to us. If you have any Non-Profit, Financial, Grant, or Fund-Raising experience we definitely would like to hear from you.  Volunteer positions are a great way to get to know the members, establish new friendships, and meet other people!

Inquiries can be made through any of our contact channels.  If you would like to speak to someone in person, please contact the current president.  We will be updating the website periodically with some brief descriptions of what these positions entail.  Please check back regularly if you might be interested in signing up.

Thanking you in advance!

The Membership