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One of the benefits of Art Guild membership is our vast collection of recommended resources such as art videos and DVD’s.

We would like to obtain your feedback.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments, reviews, or ratings on any of the suggested viewings so that others can have a better idea and understanding of the contents value. Perhaps, you have previewed something that you would like to share with us.  We would certainly like to hear about it for the purposes of adding new titles to the list even books.

The Art Guild of Orange Park, Inc. may offer rentals to its membership upon request for a fee. Any applicable proceeds go toward the Scholarship Fund.  Please contact us for more information on a specific title as many of the numbered selections are not in current digital formats or no longer available.  The current list is updated periodically so please check back.

No. 83 Acrylic, Floral, Still Life Demo Eileen Corse
No. 89 3/3/09 Demo Shirley Pasquale
No. 90 10/6/09 Demo Sarah Filmore
No. 91 11/3/09 Demo Andy Kenyon

No. 79 Collage Elizabeth Nelson (New)

No. 7   Draw from The Live Model G. Faigin
No. 45 Drawing: Learning Professional Techniques T. Couch
No. 81 Drawing with Pastel & Charcoal Craig Nelson (New)

No. 28 Design, Scale, Balance, Neg. & Pos. Shapes Hal Reed Color Comp. 1&2
No. 29 Symmetry vs. Assymmetry, Eye Path – Line Continuation Rhythm Hal Reed Color Comp. 3 & 4
No. 30 Obj. Shapes, Activation, Unity , Center of Interest, Three Tones Hal Reed Color Comp. 5 & 6
No. 31 Still Life Comp. / Portrait Composition Hal Reed Color Comp. 7 & 8
No. 32 Seascape Comp. / Portrait Composition Hal Reed Color Comp 9&10
No. 35 Color Comp. / Genre Color Composition Hal Reed
No. 36 Enlarging Comps to Painting Hal Reed Enlarging Demo
No. 37 Color Theory, Color Wheels Hal Reed Theory 1 & 2
No. 38 Mixing and Matching Color, Color Analysis Hal Reed

No. 10 How to Cut Mats Vivian C. Kistler


No. 1 Techniques for Everyone S. Schewee
No. 3 Cascading Water B J. Yarnell
No. 4 Chama Mountains J. Yarnell
No. 5 Cloud Study J. Yarnell
No. 9 Ghost Town Mine Structure J. Yarnell
No. 12 Jerry’s Dahlias J. Yarnell
No. 13 Ocean Breakers J. Yarnell
No. 19 Punkinhead J. Yarnell
No. 23 Demonstration Pellegrino
No. 40 Brush Strokes Basics Donna Dewberry Petal & Leaf
No. 41 One Stroke Vol. 1 Donna Dewberry Basic Flowers
No. 42 One Stroke Vol. 2 Donna Dewberry Fruits & Animals
No. 43 One Stroke Vol. 3 (Advanced Techniques) Donna Dewberry
No. 51 Brush With Acrylic Terry Harrison
No. 52 Hatteras Shores J. Yarnell
No. 57 Festival of Color J. Yarnell
No. 61 Cascading Water J. Yarnel
No. 64 Blue Bonnets J. Yarnell
No. 65 Broken Pots J. Yarnell
No. 80 Acrylic Landscapes the Watercolor Way Charles Harrison (New)
No. 83 Acrylic Floral Still Life Demo Eileen Corse (New)

No. 6 Color (Selection & Mixing) Daniel Greene
No. 8 Elegant Abundance Helen Van Wyck
No. 22 Flowers-Fruit Acrylic Oil Glaze Helen Van Wyck
No. 47 Welcome to My Studio No. 1 Helen Van Wyck
No. 48 Welcome to My Studio No. 2 Helen Van Wyck
No. 76 Portraits in Oil from Photos Quinton Gregory (New)
No. 77 Getting Started with Oil Colors Bob Ron (New)
No. 78 Portraits: The Secret of Likeness Quinton Gregory (New)

No. 15 Painting a Portrait in Watercolor Jan Kunz (poor color)
No. 20 Watercolor Techniques Barbara Nechis (Copy of 46)
No. 21 Watercolor Fun in Natures Studio T. Van Hasselt Plein Air
No. 24 Watercolor Fast and Loose Ron Ranson
No. 25 Watercolor Pure and Simple Ron Ranson
No. 26 Painting Flowers N. Brotherton
No. 27 Little Flowers Z. Szabo
No. 46 Extemporaneous Watercolor Barbara Nechis (Same as 20)
No. 49 Watercolor Simplified P. Weaver (Excellent)
No. 53 Painting The Head In Watercolor Al Stine
No. 54 Painting Evergreen Trees T. Jones
No. 55 Greens, Whites, Yellows J. Walsh
No. 56 Spray Color for Misty Landscapes T. Jones
No. 59 Mixing Greens (foliage) T. Van Hasselet
No. 60 Painting a Portrait Al Stine
No. 62 Painting Trees T. Jones (Excellent)
No. 66 Watercolor Pen & Ink No. 2 C. Nice (Creat. Texture)
No. 67 Watercolor Pen & Ink No. 1 C. Nice
No. 68 Watercolor Landscapes from Photography R. Ranson (New)
No. 69 Painting Flowering Shrubs T. Jones
No. 70 Let’s Paint J. Miller
No. 71 Painting a Coastal Scene Al Stine
No. 72 Painting A Barn Al Stine
No. 73 Starting with a Watercolor Wash T. Jones
No. 74 Painting Rocks & Cliffs T. Jones
No. 75 Watercolor on Yupo Rosemond Parish, New
No. 84 Painting Dramatic Landscapes in WC Mark McHaffey, New
No. 85 Watercolor Portrait Workshop Disc 1 Susan Harrison Tustain (New)
No. 86 Watercolor Portrait Workshop Disc 2 Susan Harrison Tustain (New)
No. 87 Complete Watercolor Workshop Disc 1 Stephen Quiller (New)
No. 88 Complete Watercolor Workshop Disc 2 Stephen Quiller (New)

No. 17 Pastel Portrait Daniel Green (Excellent)
No. 81 Drawing with Pastel & Charcoal Craig Nelson (New)
No. 82 Portraits in Pastel Quinton Gregory (New)
No. 39 Painting Critiques Hal Reed

No. 18 Basics of Picture Framing Vivian Kistler

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