“Florida Reflections”

This is the Art Guild of Orange Parks first Online Exhibit and we are very excited about it. Yes it was brought about by unexpected circumstances, but we are proud to be able to adapt and still offer both our members and our public engaging art opportunities.

Our judge for this show was Randy Pitts (https://www.randypittsfineart.com) who studied art in college and worked as a graphic artist for many years. He is now a well known and accomplished painter who enjoys the challenges of painting out doors capturing the changing light of a given place and day. He has won numerous awards in local and regional exhibits and competitions. He was the inaugural President of First Coast Plein Air Painters. Under his years of guidance the organization grew and had many enriching events and exhibits for the members. This is his judges statement:

Judging an art show is a difficult task under the best of circumstances. It’s hard to come to just a few selections for awards, especially when there were several excellent pieces submitted. In judging the art, my goal was to be as objective as possible and not allow my own tastes to color my assessment. My decisions were based upon asking myself several questions while examining each piece. For instance: Does the work speak to me on an emotional level? Does the artwork communicate the artist’s idea effectively? Does the artwork display an understanding of sound underlying design principles? Does the artwork display proficiency with the chosen medium? Is there a solid understanding about, and an effective use of, color? What separates this particular work from others? This is but a small sample of my criteria list. Not every one may agree with my decisions and it certainly was a difficult task because the differences between why I chose one piece over another were very small in many instances. I would like to thank the Artists Guild of Orange Park for the opportunity.

You can click an image to view it larger and see a description and price. If you are interested in purchasing a piece please email us at: mbox.agop2554@outlook.com. We will get you in touch with the artist.