Members of The Art Guild of Orange Park

The Art Guild of Orange Park includes members of all levels of experience in the visual arts, from the newest dabbler to the finest professionals. Our members reside all over North East Florida.

Featured Artist Members are showcased with links to their individual webpages.

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ERNIE BOYETTE specializes in acrylic. Ernie’s work
About Ernie Boyette: I was not always an artist. I was a professional business type guy. Then in my 40’s I got bored and started painting on my kitchen counter. Like a child I got as much paint on my counter as I did my artwork…and then. I grew up and I got better. I knew what I had to do! I was going to paint Man Art! I paint army tanks, ships, airplanes, cars, no Bambi, no flowers…a few naked women. I paint railroad cars and engines, trucks and Pink VW’s! I do! Anyway…I just wanted to say hello…I now paint…MAN ART!…Just sayin.

BETH HAIZLIP specializes in acrylic, oil & watercolor
Beth’s work
About Beth Haizlip: Beth is a colorful expressionist artist. She uses bold colorful strokes to capture movement and light that makes a painting more interesting and not like you are a viewing a photograph.

LINDA HAWKINS specializes in watercolor, acrylic & mixed media
Linda’s work
About Linda Hawkins: Linda is a mixed media and watercolor artist, inspired by nature, color and the Caribbean, who also teaches others the joy of creating. Her work can be seen at the Atlantic Beach Arts Market in Atlantic Beach and P.A.St.A. Gallery in St. Augustine, FL as well as her website –

RAISA ILLARRAMENDI specializes in acrylic, oil, & graphite.

She was born in Maracaibo Venezuela. She lived in Caracas Venezuela, Evansville Indiana, Charlotte North Carolina, and now in Ponte Vedra Beach FL. Introduced to art in the early 60s while living in Ohio, she was inspired by landscapes & abstract art. She studied Commercial Art & belonged to the art Studio of Teresa Azara while in Caracas. She enjoys painting landscapes, flowers, & beach scenes. Through her art, she tries to convey freedom of forms. She interlaces forms – background into the form and the form into the background. Her art was influenced by her native country, Florida, & artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe.

GAIL MANGE specializes in Oils and acrylics

Michele Perry

D. MICHELE PERRY specializes in Watercolor & Mixed Media

D. Michele’s work

Michele is a watercolor, mixed-media fine artist and author whose artwork explores the connection, courage, and curiosity rooted in wonder as a daily practice, the beauty of the natural world, and the power of our unfolding stories.  Michele paints small and medium format lyrical landscapes, gentle abstracts, and works in florals and patterns on nontraditional found objects that blur the boundary between fine art, artisan craft, and whimsical illustration from her studio in northeast Florida. She can be contacted for commissions, collaborations, or other inquiries via her website.

KATHY PLANTE Kathy’s work

About Kathy Plante: Art has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Experimenting with various forms of art keeps life interesting and challenging at the same time! A background in fashion illustration makes me more ‘project oriented’, thriving within the parameters and time constraints of a particular job. 3-D assemblage, collage, and painting in oils are of particular interest, though mural painting tops them all at present. Working with the Art Guild on the town’s water tank was a joy, and I hope to have more such opportunities in the future.

MARSHA ROBERTS specializes in acrylic. Marsha’s work

Marsha is with the Sigmund Agency and offers artwork, freelance marketing services, and graphic designs. She has experience in the corporate world providing high-quality digital content for clients. She has worked as a marketing professional for over ten years and has created an online profile to share artwork. Her business is designated as a Trusted Art Seller” which means you can shop with confidence, and you will receive quality and value in her products.

Sarah Sawyer

Sarah Sawyer specializes in photography, dance, music, modeling, and singing.


Sarah is the coach/Owner of Sarah Sawyer Studio, and a co-founder of Penny Hawk Photograph Co. Sarah lives in Fleming Island and offers workshops in Acting for Stage and modeling, poise, and confidence.  As a seasoned Performing Arts Coach, Sarah specializes in working with advanced students and professionals to enhance their skills, create a path to the next level, maintain their health, and secure their next big opportunity.  She is a highly experienced and versatile Performing Arts Coach with a Bachelor of Music in Choral/Vocal Performance and certifications in Vocal Pedagogy and Orff Schulwerk. 

Photographer Shannon Sears

SHANNON SEARS specializes in Photography

 Shannon enjoys spending my time spoiling my grandsons, and family.  When not spending time with her family, she loves going on adventures.  Which is exploring forgotten local historical areas, and hiking through the woods, photographing the local wildlife, and wild flowers.  Along with enjoying the outdoors, Shannon also enjoy photographing forgotten cemeteries, and abandoned buildings. 

PAUL SUTER specializes in Pottery. Paul’s work

Paul is the owner of Atlantic Pottery Supply in Orange Park. He was born in the Netherlands, raised in Germany, Paul has called many places home – VA, NC, Australia, WY, and now FL. Paul is extremely fond of realistic animal and human forms, as well as impressionistic paintings. With a BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Tech, he finds creating art is a way of expressing what and how he sees life, or at least a way of enjoying it. Paul enjoys teaching, sharing, exploring, and just trying to make every day better than the last.

Robin Johnson specializes in Graphic Design. Robin’s work:

Robin is an award winning book graphic artist with a diploma in Electronic Publishing from an education based in the computer arts. As a digital photo manipulation specialist Robin has extensive experience in photo retouching, restoration, collage and design. She creates book cover designs using custom artwork, stock photography, filters, digital actions, textures and lighting effects. Robin has contributed her design knowledge to books for new writers, visited various writing groups and has spoken at panels for book cover design, author branding and marketing. In addition to networking at conferences Robin has worked with several conventions contributing graphic design services and printed swag. Robin’s business, Florida Girl Design Inc. has been serving clients with design and print services nationally since 2002