Members of The Art Guild of Orange Park

The Art Guild of Orange Park includes members of all levels of experience in the visual arts, from the newest dabbler to the finest professionals. Our members reside all over North East Florida.

Featured Artist Members are showcased with links to their individual webpages.

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Featured Artists of The Art Guild of Orange Park:
Beth Haizlip
BETH HAIZLIP specializes in acrylic,Oil, watercolor
Beth's work
About Beth Haizlip: Beth is a colorful expressionist artist. She uses bold colorful strokes to capture movement and light that makes a painting more interesting and not like you are a viewing a photograph.
Linda Hawkins
LINDA HAWKINS specializes in Watercolor, acrylic,mixed media
Linda's work
About Linda Hawkins: Linda is a mixed media and watercolor artist who also teaches others the joy of creating.
Raisa Illarramendi
Gwen Mehler
GWEN MEHLER specializes in acrylic
Gwen's work
Kathy Plante
KATHY PLANTE Kathy's work
About Kathy Plante: Art has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Experimenting with various forms of art keeps life interesting and challenging at the same time! A background in fashion illustration makes me more ‘project oriented’, thriving within the parameters and time constraints of a particular job. 3-D assemblage, collage, and painting in oils are of particular interest, though mural painting tops them all at present. Working with the Art Guild on the town’s water tank was a joy, and I hope to have more such opportunities in the future.
Sarah Sawyer
SARAH SAWYER Sarah's work
About Sarah Sawyer: Sarah Sawyer is a creative who works to bring the arts together! Art & Music & Theatre. You can find Sarah & Allison’s photography company at
Shannon Sears
SHANNON SEARS specializes in Photography
Paul Suter
PAUL SUTER specializes in Pottery
Paul's work

AGOP Full Membership Roster

Name Phone Email Website
Paulette Abernathy
Phyllis Appleby
Melissa R. Aronson
Hellen Ashmead also put tech at senior centers
Mary Atwood
Alexandra Blake
Allison Bolsega
Evelyn Boswell
Madison Box
Ashley Brantley
Beth Bright
Deborah Broach[email protected]
Jeannie Brockhausen
victoria burnett
Lorraine Butler
Marlena Callushttps://[email protected]
Lindsey Card
Michael Cenci
jennelle comiskey
Marv Conn
Thomas Crocker
Debbie Cusick
Susan Daly
Adriana Davies
Carolyn Day
Michael Day
Jeannette Dennis
Sophie Dentise
Deborah Derbonne
Kay Deuben
Edie Dozsa
Melia Evans
Patricia Fiedler
Christina Flores
Ana Flynn
Mary Fowler
Ellaine Gallagher
Sarah Green
Pat Gunter
Beth Haizlip
Lisa Hamilton
Bonnie Hamm
Peggy Harrell-Jennings
Roger Hausman
Linda Hawkins[email protected]
Ted Head
Michelle Held
Laura Hizer
Doug Hollis
Adona Homminga
Cyndi Horn
Gail Husveth
Raisa Illarramendi
Deborah Jamieson
Rosalie Jefferson
Reba Johnson
Tiffany Johnson
Sandra Jones(904) 708-7585[email protected]
Angela Juniper
Gail Karson
Tsuneko Kemp
Kay King
Katherine Korey
Jan Kosshttps://[email protected]
Alice Krepley
Leslie Kruzicki
Ellen Vicki Lake
Gina Ledbetter
Elizabeth Leitzke
Betty Long
Clara Luke
Catherine MacCartney
JoElla Manning
Kay McBride
Alison McCauley
Betty McKee[email protected]
Gwen Mehler
Dave Menke
Abigail Menke
Lorraine Millerhttps://30.00 ck -- left msg
Susan Mills
Kathy Morris
Janet Myers
Susan Nevinger
Jill Nicholson
Nancy Page
Margaret Panik
Sandra Peters
Kathy Plante[email protected]
John Poole
Debbie Pounders
Cornelia "Connie" Pratt
Cheryl Prestonhttps:// ck pd on Pay Pal
Gerardo Quijada
Elizabeth Quinn-Bolduc
Dian Renfro
Phyllis Renninger
Pablo Rivera
Donna Rivera
Lydia "Dee" Roberts
Mick Ross
Jamie Ross
Tonja Runyon
Sarah Sawyer
John Sawyer
Rhona Scoville
Shannon Sears
Stephanie Sessions
kathleen shores
Andrea Sibilla
Cynthia Smith
Simon Smith
Annette Spenner
Tim Stahlheber
Wendy Sullivan
Paul Suter
Janice D. Tackett
Carol Trache
Mary Walker
Releia Warren
Carron Wedlund
Toni Weist
Rebecca Williams
Robert Williamson
Randall Wilsey
Denise Wood
Lynette Woodman
Kristina Wright