2018-2019 Scholarship

2018 Scholarship Award Winner
    Our 2018 Scholarship Award  was presented to Jordan Kiep a student at Orange Park High School. Jordan received a check for $2000.
His art teacher was Carrie Keene.

In 2002, the Guild established an annual Scholarship Fund for Clay County High School Seniors planning to pursue a career in the visual arts field or arts education.

The Art Scholarship Program is promoted to all Clay County High Schools. Members create various items that are put up for sale or raffled off at fundraising events such as hand-painted bowls that were done in the past and sold during an ice cream social.

Funds have been raised through the sale of hand-crafted greeting cards, calendars, garden art, tote bags, bumper stickers, T-Shirts, and fashion shows, etc. along with numerous other items and sponsored raffles. The sale of member-donated artwork has helped this fund to grow. Designated proceeds going into the fund have enabled the Guild to increase the minimum award amounts to what they are today.

This year, we will give out a Scholarship to one or two worthy candidates from Clay County schools. We have increased the total available funds from $1000 to $2000.  The scholarship brochure, guidelines, and all required forms can be downloaded from the website.

Download these forms to ensure you have all the necessary package materials for an application:

AGOP Scholarship Brochure 2018-2019

AGOP Scholarship Awards Form

AGOP Scholarship Student Activities Form

Although the forms below are basically a guide for our committee members to more consistently evaluate the applicants, they may help those applicants to understand what we are looking for in a potential recipient.

AGOP Scholarship Application Checklist 2018-2019

AGOP Scholarship Fund Questions

AGOP Scholarship Evaluation Worksheet

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