Workshops 2020-2021


April 24, 2021 ~ Eve Albrecht Oil portrait

This class will explore “Alla Prima” portrait painting method which means mixing the right color and value right away with an extremely limited palette of three colors and white known as the “Zorn Palette”. We will explore mixing natural looking flesh tones for different skin tones. We will discuss and practice color mixing, color theory and values (the lights and darks). 
Artists will learn how to navigate what they are seeing. We talk about what questions artists can ask to help themselves to better see the colors, values, edges, and proportions of the model. Learn quick easy methods of matching and mixing the colors that you see and color theory.
We will work from my photos and learn practical methods to find the right color and value.  Using photos, we will concentrate more painting and finding the right color as opposed to drawing. For intermediates, you can bring your own photos the first class and we can choose the best option for the second class.  We will also discuss the best kinds of lighting for good photo references.
This workshop will include extra materials such as videos and handouts to help build a good foundation for portrait, figure painting as well as painting in general, like color mixing and color theory. In addition, Eve will supply other materials needed for the class.
Oil Paints and other brands are listed below. 
Note: Acrylic painters must have these GOLDEN OPEN COLORS  in THESE COLORS:
GOLDEN OPEN Ultramarine blue, 
Open yellow ochre,
Open cadmium red light
Open Titanium white
Open Ivory Black
and OPEN Gloss (RETARDER). 

Materials List:

Either Gamblin oil paints or Gamblin 1980(student grade)/ or others names listed. 
Substitutes are available for cadmium colors as seen below: 
Note: Gamblin 1980 brand is inexpensive. Next is Gamblin/Rembrandt then Sennelier.
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Red Light 
Ivory Black
Titanium white  prefer Gamblin/Rembrandt/Sennelier/ Holbein brand not 1980.
++Gamblin galkyd gel medium- preferred, but can use solvent-free galkyd or linseed oil. 
Two 11 x 14 canvas panels for classes
One 16 x 20 canvas  (or canvas pad or large gray matters palette sheet attached to a gator board) with a medium gray neutral tone in acrylic #5 or mix black and white gatorboard large piece.
Brushes- long handle only! 
Prefer the inexpensive Robert Simmons filberts 4,6,8. Also  include a smaller synthetic round, such as a 2 or 4. Blocking in brushes a 1/2 in or 1 inch to 2 inch synthetic cheap flats. 
Palette- Grey Matters Paper Palette 16 x 20 or that fits into the Masterson Palette seal is best to save the paint.
Masterson palette seal  (optional)
Painters or masking tape
Wet wipes
Paper towels like blue shop or viva.
Containers small plastic or glass for water or Gamsol OMS (only) but not necessary you  use a lot of paper towels to clean brushes. 
Bristle Magic brush cleaner for both acrylic and oil works well
Blue Nitril gloves…don’t make you sweat.
Bring a smock! 
9:30 – 4 PM
“The Barn” – behind Grace Anglican Church
5804 US 17
Fleming Island, FL 32003


Eve Albrecht Portraits in Oil



May 15, 2021 (Saturday) ~ Randy Pitts (Oil – plein air)

Creating Dynamic Landscapes Alla Prima

     “We will explore how to paint a convincing landscape wet into wet using oils.  We will learn to accurately judge values, effectively use edges, and mix subtle colors in order to create the illusion of depth in a landscape. We will be looking to interpret the impression of the landscape and not merely dictating what’s in front of us.”

       Randy will demo in the morning and give individual help at each student’s easel as they paint in the afternoon.       

Randy is devoted to painting the landscape on location and the challenges of capturing the light, form and shape it provides.

       The workshop will  be held at Beth Haizlip’s beautiful yard on Doctors Lake, Fleming Island.

              • 1834 Waterbury Lane, Fleming Island, FL 32003
              • 9:30 – 4:00 pm Limit 15 people
              • AGOP Members $75   Non-members $95
              • Payment is non-refundable and must be paid in full




              Postponed until 2022 due to Covid ~ Lian Zhen 

              Watercolor Portrait and Flamingo Workshop


              Lian Quan Zhen is a sought-after watercolor artist and teacher in the US and abroad.  Lian’s five books published by North Light Books have been distributed internationally

              He started sketching and painting in his childhood and continued as a hobby while practicing medicine as a family physician in Canton Province, China. After immigrating to the US in 1985, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1992 and a Master of Architecture Degree from MIT in 1996. He has had many shows in the US, Hong Kong and China and has developed an international following. His paintings hang in numerous institutional and private collections including the MIT Museum which has collected 14 of his paintings.


              stay tuned for 2022 info –  Sacred Heart Church  limit 15 people member $200.00 non members 225.00.

              Lian Quan Zhen Watercolor (2Days)



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